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It’s no secret that as a full time freelance website designer, I do a lot of websites for US/UK/CA and AUS based clients, so I’m super excited to add Mr. Russ Cooray to the list!

Russ needed a website to generate some revenues through some advertising space, he also wanted to develop something for his local community in Lankan, Yes he belongs to SriLanka! After a lots of research he decided to go with a classified website similar to Craigslist or even better.

A custom online classifieds website designed with a custom WordPress theme and a customized classifieds listing engine.

He loves Craigslist and wanted to have a clone of Craigslist website for his community.

Yes, It’s possible to get a simple site up and running quickly that meets the needs of your target audience without a lot of fuss and lankaeverything.com is a great example of that.

I think this site hits the mark and would be a new star to my website design portfolio!


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